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PiXMA TR8520 Driver issues


I down loaded the drivers from Canons website and installed them on my wifes pc. However when I went to make the TR 8520 the default printer it  said that it didn't have any drivers. The printer didn't come with a disk so I have to down load to my pc and then transfer to hers using a flash drive. I'm at a loss as what to do next.




Seems like you have found where to download drivers for your printer.  This is preferred since what might come on a install CD is always outdated compared to what you can get online.


You can download them to any computer with an internet connection.  If her PC is not connected to a network or the internet, how is the printer conected?


Answering these questions might help:


What operating system is her computer running?

What is the printer connected to?

What installer did you use (specifically)?



Bay Area - CA

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She is running windows 8.1, the printer is connected to the network via WIFI and to her pc with a cable. The installer that I used was the one provided at Canons website ( Win-tr-1_1-n_mcd.exe ).

 Thankyou for responding as I'm at a loss as what to do next.

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