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PIXMA ip8750 blurred lines on BK and can' t register product


Hello! I get blurred lines on the test print on all blocks and texts to the left. Also the big block of grey for "BK" is blurred. All the other are OK. I've tried deep cleaning several times, configuring the head both auto and manual and cleaned the Encoder strip. 

Also, I tried getting support, but the ip8750 can't be registered as a product at My Canon - which is needed to make a support ticket. 



Thanks for joining the conversation, JohanE! We appreciate the info, though we need to let you know that the PIXMA iP8750 is not supported by our team here at Canon USA since that printer isn't available in this country.  If you're trying to register it on the Canon USA web site, that model won't be listed there.

If you live outside the United States, please click HERE and select your country to find support in your part of the world.  Your fellow Community members are still welcome to offer their advice.

Thanks for choosing Canon!