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PIXMA ip8720 banding on b&w prints


Horizontal banding lines on 13x19 and 8.5x11, most noticeable in black of b&w prints.
Canon Premium Matte paper and 3rd party pigment inks from 4inkjets.
Printer settings in PSE 15 are; grayscale, plain paper,high quality,printer managed color.
No problem in nozzel print-outs - no white lines.
Print head alignment sheet shows 7 columns of 18 blocks ea. of blue and black shades - 10 blue and 8 black running consecutively from top to bottom. On the 6th and 7th columns, the black blocks 4 spaces up from the bottom are missing.
Printer is primarily using the PGI 250XL Black cartridge pigment ink that I understand is used mostly for black text when the setting is at "plain paper ". The prints are absolutely free of ANY color casts (green,magenta,cyan) that I get at the supposed "correct" setting for this paper which would be "matte". The prints are rather harsh and contrasty which I like for the subject matter (street documentary) that I an presently printing.
The printer was purchased from B&H 6/26/17 Serial #ADGF2 [MOD NOTE: Serial number removed per FORUM GUIDELINES]
Have done several nozzel checks/cleanings and a few print head alignments both automatic and manual.
I don't really know how to interpret the head alignment print-out described above. But I'm wondering if the two missing blocks of black could result in the banding problem.


Thanks, Russ Marshall


ip8720 print head align.jpg





Hi brassman,


Many print quality issues can be resolved by removing and reseating the print head.  I have included full instructions for doing so HERE.


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I have the same issue with printing B&W photo on 13x19 paper. 


Have you found a remedy?



Hi Sylwester,


It's been 4 years but as I recall, I was using 3rd party text black ink which solved my problem with banding and color hues on b&w prints. The result was contrasty prints with limited shades of gray which suited the subject matter. Eventually, the print heads (several) gave out or clogged and I junked the printer because there was something else mysteriously going on besides the heads. 

Good luck.