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PIXMA iP8720 Cartridge Won't Light Up


Hi! I was excited for my new PIXMA iP8720 printer, but it turns out that it didn't come with all required cables to connect it to my USB slot in my computer. I see that's a 'thing' you do with your printers. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to go to a store, and hopefully find the right cable (I'm not a tech expert, and might get the wrong one!) - or wait a few days to get one from amazon... NOT exciting. Why would you NOT supply all the things to get your product running and useable on the spot? 


Also, one of the cartridges doesn't light up, and there's no explanation how to make that work. 


So my customer experience is NOT that great at this moment. Thanks for asking. Any immediate help available? Doesn't look like it, just a forum to talk with each other and other frustrated users? Again, not exciting.