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IP8720 ejecting water slide decal paper

New Contributor


I just bought a Pixma IP8720 to use for decal printing. I did a test print on plain paper, worked fine. I did a print on vinyl decal paper, worked fine. But when I try to print on inkjet specific, Hayes brand waterslide decal paper, the printer immediately ejects it and gives an error.

I have tried restarting, changing the paper stock (plain/photo/auto), changing the print quality, it’s still just ejects it. I don’t know if it’s too glossy or slick to print on or if it’s possibly too thick.


The current water slide paper I’m testing on is 200gsm, so right on the outside of Canon’s specs. I’ve just ordered another brand that specifies 175gsm. So unless someone has a magic fix, I will try these tomorrow.

Can anyone suggest anything else to try?



New Contributor

For anyone having the same problem, I used thinner waterslide paper and it printed just fine. So I will assume it was the thickness that was the issue, even tho it was (just) within paramaters.