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PIXMA TS8220 "Ink Absorber Almost Full"


Have Pixma TS8220.  Have message on printer - "Ink absorber almost full?. Called Canon Tech support and then Parts Center. Left with this conclusion:  Canon has no replacement for my TS8220 ink absorber.  Yet internet describes How to Replace with picture of replacement part.


Is it true that I bought a Canon printer with this "Built-in obsolescence "??  The printer work fine; I do not need to buy another (in my opinion) and the ink absorber part is replaceable.  Yet there is no Canon solution.  Do I have this right>




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi SHWindt! Thanks for posting in the Canon Community Forum. The “Ink Absorber almost full” message will pop up when the printer’s waste ink absorber is close to full capacity. You can bypass the message, by tapping OK. At some point, the ink absorber will become full, and you will get a different message saying that the printer needs service. At that point, you won’t be able to use the printer.

If the waste ink absorber does become full and you purchased the printer within the last year, you can contact support for your warranty options. If you have not done so, I recommend that you create a My Canon account and register the printer so you can contact support via chat or phone. If you have already registered your printer, you can sign into your account to check your support options.

Please use the following link to create or open your account:

After you create your account and register the printer, you can click on GET SUPPORT (in the left column of the account page) to get the information on the phone and chat options.

If the printer is no longer in warranty and the ink absorber becomes full, you are free to contact any printer repair shops in your area. Canon does not have repair options for this model. It may be more cost effective to purchase a replacement if you have had the printer for a while.

Through our Canon Upgrade Program, we can offer you a discount and free shipping on a new printer if the warranty is expired. If you are interested in that, please call (866) 443-8002 from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. (Eastern Time), Monday through Saturday to speak with one of our sales agents who would be happy to help you.

I hope this information helps. Thanks again.


As I understand it, when this condition occurs, Canon's solution is to take the printer in for service. So Canon has a replacement absorber that computer service companies can get and so it can be replaced. Canon allows us to replace the printing ink cartridge, why doesn't Canon put their thinking caps on and come up a way for the user to replace the absorber. "It's too hard to make" isn't a reason, because Canon already markets replacement absorbers for the G series printers. "It's too expensive" isn't a reason, because Amazon sells the absorbers for less than $15. Planned obsolescence appears to be their approach where it costs more to replace it than to fix it. That's the way to sell more printers and add some more electronic waste to our land fills.

So the solution is to buy another printer rather than replace the ink adsorber pads. What a rip-off 

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