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G7020 New Printer, new Ink…nearly half ink levels?


I am new to these type of printers where you pour in the ink. However, the Cayn and Yellow are not full like the Magenta and Black. Is this common? 





When I bought my G7020 and filled the tanks I noticed that the tanks filled then shortly went to about half full or something like that after printing. I believe the problem is that the ink tubes and print head need to fill with ink (that's the only thing I can figure). It never happened again, that is, whenever I've filled the tanks, they stayed filled, so I think my surmise is correct.  I'm at 18,000+ pages, by the way.

Got my printer yesterday and now black and 2 colors are half. I am worried and considering returning it. Did you keep it? 


After 3 hours of ownership...


I called the store I bought it from. I said I am packing this up and bringing it back and I explain the situation, I said this is ridiculous. The manager stopped the return by offering me free full size ink ( each color) so I kept the printer.

Amazon gave me $25 to buy ink, but I am still worried it's leaking or something is wrong. Overnight the yellow dropped a bit more and it was not in use. I assume you are fine now...

I have been fine, and I believe David07666’s explanation might be correct.   However, I believe it was the right thing to be given ink/ gift Card for ink. 


I bought the G7020 in 2020. Return it if you can. I believe David07666 is correct. But, be sure to print in color and I mean heavy colored pictures at least once a week otherwise you'll be facing doing a limited number of "INK FLUSHES" on this machine which will render it obsolete. They currently say call our sales department for a "trade-in" discount. The newer models apparently come with a maintenance flush pad kit which once full can be replaced at a cost. If you do heavy color printing regularly then no worries, but other than that this machine will be a pain to get color to come back. And you'll go thru more ink than what you already have and also end up with a printer which doesn't work. Why does Canon still sell this machine????? On Youtube you will see some timely work arounds.... Do yourselves a favor and return the printer while and if you still can!

I think I will return and get epson et-4800 . It's only $10 more on Amazon. 

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