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PIXMA TS6400 Series - How to scan multiple pages in a single document


I recently purchased a TS6400 and am trying to scan with it.  I used a Windows Scan program and it only scans one page at a time and does not allow me to scan multiple pages and save them as one document.  I therefore searched the online manual for the TS6400 and it references the IJ Scan Utility Lite which I tried to download but it does not appear to be available for the TS6400.  I have to believe the TS6400 has the ability to do what I need, but has anyone else had this issue and how did you fix it?  Perhaps a different scan app? 



Hi there!

The TS6400 is the "family" your printer belongs to. On the front of the unit, in the bottom right corner (on the same side as the red and green buttons), you'll see the word PIXMA TS64(something). That's the model of your printer. 

Once you know that, head here and follow the prompts to install all the software for your printer: 

Thanks Stephen.  With your help I was finally able to get it all figured out.

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