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PIXMA TS3522 E05 Message


I put new ink cartridges in the printer, now the black and color ink lights blink and the light above, also. The screen blinks E, then 0, then 5. I'm pretty sure the cartridges are in right, I took the tapes off that said to take off, I even put the old cartridges back in, and the printer would work, but didn't print, cartridges must be empty, the printer had not been used for a while, doesn't get a lot of use, it is in my workshop, it worked fine last time I used it. I was just using it to copy an item. I have had the new cartridges for several months, if that makes a difference, and I believe I got them on Amazon. Looking further, the boxes say remanufactured, made in China. Is there a way to clean heads on these? After further research, I have come to the conclusion that it's the cartridges, so I ordered OEM ones, see if that fixes it, I believe it will.

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