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PIXMA TR8620 - New Desktop with Windows 11 Scanner not working


Help please I just purchased a New Dell Desktop and my TR8620 prints fine but it will not scan. Does Window 11 not work with this printer? Or do I need to do something else? I followed the Cannon set up completely online 

Thank you in advance 




I've had this same problem, but finally got it to work.  Go to the Cannon Website to reload the following drivers:  TR8600 printer driver and IJ Printer Assistant Tool Ver.1.90.3 (Windows).  Restart your computer.  The IJ Printer Asst Tool should set up a shortcut on your desktop if you say YES when asked.  Double click the shortcut, and this gives you a pop up window for SCANNING only.  Click the buttons based on what your scanning and this should work.  Our setup is thru USB printer cable, so not sure if this works wirelessly.  For some reason after loading Windows 11, the scan button on the printer no longer works, but this utility allows us to scan again.  Good Luck!



I'm not sure what software you installed from your description.  If you are using a USB connection, its important to run the software installer first and not connect the printer until prompted to do so.  If you connect it first, it can cause problems as Windows will make a best effort to install drivers that may not be complete or correct.  

If this happened, you might want to disconnect the printer.  Remove it from windows, uninstall the software and restart your system.  Then reinstall the software and connect only when prompted to do so.  

Downloads for the product can be found here:

Canon Support for PIXMA TR8620 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

This might be a good one to install:


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I listed the drivers we loaded in my message from Cannon's website.  Microsofts driver does NOT work with the will print but not scan.  Load the printer assistant driver listed above from Cannon.