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PIXMA TR8620 Flashing Lights for Low Ink


I replaced my MX922 printer with the TR8620 a bit over a year ago.

My old printer cartridges used to flash when they were running low on ink.  For the life of me, I cannot remember if they flashed on my new one when I first got it.  I thought they did, however, I could be wrong.

Does anyone know if the TR8620 cartridges flash when they are low or out of ink?



I don't know if there would be any flashing indicator, but you can check out the current ink status on the printer itself, or from your macOS or Windows computer.  See this Support Article for instructions and other details.


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Thanks.  I'm aware that this is the way to check the ink levels, but with my MX922 and the model TR8520, both had the capabilities of the individual cartridges that flashed when you opened up the access door to the printer head.  My TR8620 does not blink.

I was wondering if anyone else's did.

My TR8620 used to now it doesn't. I can't get the latest drivers to load, or pair the printer with the computer either. Sorry, not helpful. Just sharing my frustration with the 8620

It is frustrating.  I thought this one blinked when I first got it.  Thanks for confirming that yours did also. 

What's even more frustrating is how much harder it's getting to find the ink cartridges for the TR8620 nowadays. 

It's as if Canon forgets that customers have bought these printers 🖨️ and they are still working well, but then when they introduce newer models, they stop developing updates for our printers and make it harder to get the ink.  Basically forcing us to buy a new printer every couple of years. 

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