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PIXMA TR7020 won't install or connect


EDIT: We returned the printer. Why the serial number isn't being recognized by Canon is an issue I won't be able to fix.

When I follow the instructions to connect the printer to a laptop, the software claims it can't find the printer. I've reset the printer, tried to call customer service which didn't work because the serial number on my machine is not being recognized by Canon so I can't create an account, and I'm just fed up. I feel like I've purchased a $300 paperweight, and Canon has done a great job of blocking access to customer service. Can anyone suggest a way to get word to them that I genuinely need their help in diagnosing this install issue?


Product Expert
Product Expert


What version of Windows or MacOS are you running and do you have the printer connected to your network or are you using a usb cord? 

We look forward to your reply. 

We returned the printer. Even if we fixed the issue, I could never fix the bizarre warranty problem. Went out and bought an HP like everyone else.