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PIXMA TR4520 Error 1430


My printer broke after one year and Canon says, "buy a new printer" So I will NEVER buy another Canon product and I will tell all my friends NEVER to purchase any canon product...  Quality certainly isn't a concern at Canon!!



Thanks for joining the conversation!  Your fellow Canon users here in the Canon Community may still be able to help you.  Please let us know exactly which Canon printer model you have and the problem you're experiencing with it. That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

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PIXima  4520.   error 1430.

I was using it for 3 months and all of a sudden it stops working saying the carts are not fitted correctly... They are canon carts and not 3rd party.   Called the canon tech guy and he says. "buy some new carts."  and if that doesnt work " buy a new printer".   Such BS from canon for a printer that I only had for a year.  That's the reason I won't be a canon customer going forward.  Even though i dont like epson printers, they certainly last more than a year.   

Hi! Thanks for posting in the Canon Community Forum. I see that your Canon PIXMA TR4520 is displaying the Support Code 1430.

This error indicates that the printer is not detecting one or both ink cartridges. I’m sure that you have already covered these suggestions when you contacted Canon Support, but if you haven’t, please make sure that the cartridges are installed in the correct slot (Color cartridge in the left slot and Black cartridge in the right slot. Next, please make sure that both cartridges are pushed up and locked in place. If you would like to review the instructions for installing cartridges, please visit the following section of the manual:

You can also try turning the printer off and disconnecting the power cable to reset the printer.

If you have already done the above or if these suggestions don’t help, please write back and submit photos of the cartridges so we can continue helping you through the community.

We will need three photos:

  • A photo showing the cartridges as they are installed inside the printer. You can take the photo of them while the front panel is open.
  • A photo showing the bottom of both ink cartridges (where the ink nozzles are located).
  • A photo of the top of the cartridges showing the cartridge label.

After you click on the REPLY button, you can insert photos to your message by clicking on the Camera icon at the very top of the box where you type your response. A box will open, and you can drag the files containing your photos to that box or click on “Choose Files” to open a browser window where you can select and upload your photos. You can also drag and drop your files to the little box located below the reply window (where it says Drag and drop here…). The files need to be no bigger than 9 MB.

We look forward to your reply. Thanks again for contributing to the community.