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PIXMA MX410 -- printing is faint and the cartridges are nearly full


The printed pages - using both black and colored inks - from my PIXMA MX410, are very faint and the cartridges are nearly full according to the utility info.  I have had the printer set up to my Mac computer for several years and it has worked well generally speaking.  In this circumstance I tried the cleaning processes, both regular and deep cleaning, in case of clogs, but that didn't help.  I haven't used the printer often, in recent months, and am wondering if the ink just actually dries up, inside the cartridges if the machine isn't used frequently, or what else could be causing the problem.  If anyone knows how to remedy this situation please help.    



Thanks for letting us know what Canon product you've got. The PIXMA MX410 is an older model which we have retired. While that means that Canon USA no longer offers direct support for it, your friends here in the Canon Community are welcome to offer suggestions!

You can also speak with a Canon Upgrade Program specialist to help you score a modern replacement that would meet your current needs at a discount. You can reach them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-866-443-8002.

Hope this helps!

Why did you bother to answer me?  You didn’t say anything that would help me fix my problem with the machine I have.  Do your machines have a built in obsolescence so that people will have to buy a new one, after a certain amount of time?  I’m a retired widow, on a limited budget and can’t afford to buy new devices, especially when the old ones weren’t used very much.  That’s just nutty to expect me to simply run out and buy another multi purpose machine and it is not an appropriate solution to give to anyone asking for what may actually be an easy fix to the problem I’m having.

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