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PIXMA MG6820 black and pgbk not printing after multiple cleanings


Tried "clean" multiple times. Tried "deep clean" once. Tried "adjust head alignment" multiple times. Printing a monochrome item in "color" results in greyed-out barely visible printing. Printing the same item in "black and white" results in a completely blank page. Tried to contact customer support and after the AI said it was connecting me to an agent, nothing but silence for over 15 minutes. I'm still on the phone waiting.


Here are the test patterns that printed out, you can see that BK is gray and PGBK is non existent:







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Hi clarek,


We recommend disconnecting the phone line and trying the number again at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) for immediate assistance. 

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Hello clarek,


After reviewing the nozzle check patterns that you have provided, the BK is going to print out as gray to not apply so much of your ink to a test print. 


To troubleshoot the PGBK issue I would recommed reseating the print head. Click HERE for information and images on reseating the print head. After the print head is reseated, please perform a test print of a text document. If the test print continues to be blank, the unit will require servicing. We ask that you please contact a Canon technical support representative HERE to obtain your servicing options. A representative will be happy to assist you.