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PIXMA MG5450 scanner not working properly


Hi, I have a Canon printer-copy-scanner machine. It is connected to my Win10Pro computer with a USB-cable. It is configured to save scanned documents to a folder on the computer. I prefer to scan from the MG5450 panel. I usually scan multipage documents, and there is a function that if you scan to pdf, you can scan many pages, and they will all end up in the same pdf. Very helpful.

A few weeks ago scanning from the MG5450 panel stopped working. When pressing the scan button there is a text "Processing... Please wait momentarily". This text still displays, but there is no scanner light moving across the glass plate. Everything is like before - except that no scanner light is moving, and no scan is produced. There is no error message - at least not that I can see.

I can still scan from the computer - from the driver GUI. From here it is not possible to scan many pages into one pdf document. So I need to do that editing afterward, which is a drag..

I did not do anything in particular with my equipment when the scanner started crapping out... It just happened out of the blue. Any ideas of what I can do to fix this?