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PIXMA MG3500 prints blurry web content


PIXMA MG3500 on Windows 10

Printer was working great. All of a sudden when I tried to print  a recipe from the internet it came out blurry. I tried head cleaning, re-alignment and new cartridges. They gave clear, sharp returns. I was using Edge. I tried Chrome. Blurry. I tried a different web site. Blurry.


Now it gets weird. I open Word and write some test stuff. It prints clear. I copy and paste the web stuff into word. The web stuff prints blurry while the test stuff, which I left on the page, prints clear. Doesn't seem to matter which web site or browser i use. or whether I print from the browser or copy to Word first, it prints blurry.


Any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi cr027,


There may be a issue with the way the driver is sending the information to the printer. I recommend removing the printer from "Devices and Printers which can be found in your control panel.


Once the printer is removed, please click HERE for the support page for you printer and download the MG3500 series MP Drivers Ver. 1.01.


Once the printer in reinstalled, please try to print again.


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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it didn't seem to make any difference.

The thing that confuses me is if I copy and paste from a web site to Word the output is still blurry. If I add original content to the same page in Word, so that I have the web content and my content together on the same page, the printer will print the web content blurry and my content sharp. I even added a third section from another web site and it printed blurry while my content was sharp. All on the same sheet of paper. Go figure.