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PIXMA G6030 leaving black edges



I just bought a brand new Canon G6000 series printer. G6030 I believe. I started printing with it and at first it was fine but by the forth or fifth page it started leaving black smudges on the edges of the paper. I read online as to the cause and it suggested to do a roller cleaning. Strange as it is new but I did it, and sure enough the first few pages were fine and then black smudges on the edges and corners. I check that my paper settings were the same between the printer and the computer. They are. I also changed turned on "Prevent Paper Abrasion" as I am mostly printing with matte paper which is thicker. Same thing. I get about four or five clean ones and then all the edges are left dirty. What am I missing or doing wrong? I'm switching over from an old Canon TS6330 series and never had this problem.