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PIXMA G4270 rough printing startup after power interruption


I went to print something today and the printer went through a 2-3 minute preparation sequence  to print.  Sounded like trying to start an old jalopy back in the day.  We had a power interruption a couple days ago, so I'm assuming that had something to do with it, if anyone can clarify that. Printed fine, still very happy with the printer.


Product Expert
Product Expert


Did this happen only the one time or does it continue to have this issue? 

We look forward to your reply. 

So far, just this one time.  I do believe it was because of the power outage we had, I just switched it on to test and everything seems normal.  I'll post again if it happens again.


An inkjet goes through a lot of startup and shutdown gyrations. When you have a power outage, it shuts down abnormally and restarts abnormally, When power goes off and on quickly it is severely aggravated.

If you leave your printer turned on all the time (or even not), it pays to have it plugged into a battery backup/uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Just like a computer.  Then it doesn't take a beating from power flickers and longer outages. My Pixmas have been on UPSes along with my computers for years and they are better for it.

This advice, though, does not apply to laser printers. Unless you have a very high capacity UPS, a laser printer draws too much current for a UPS to handle effectively.