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PIXMA G3260 Faded printouts


I have a brand new Canon Pixma G3260 ink tank printer and I am getting very faded printouts for the right click menu "print" option.

The funny thing is when I print from the Faststone image viewer I do not get the fading. l do not like it, it's not nearly as rich in color as it should be, but it is not at all faded. 


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Product Expert

Hi fenpeppertree,

Please load plain paper into your PIXMA G3260 and press the wrench and screwdriver button on your printer one time.  Use the right arrow to select Maintenance and press OK.  On Nozzle check, press OK

A test page will print.

Please compare your printout with the example provided HERE.  Does your nozzle check print correctly?

What version of Windows are you using?
If using a Mac, what version of OSX is installed?

Are you using your PIXMA G3260 wirelessly?
Or with a USB cable?

What program are you printing from?

What paper size and paper type are you printing with?





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Here are 3 images:
The first is the faded image using the "Print" option in the right click menu of the saved image on the laptop. This image does not truly capture how badly the fading is. It is near ghostly-like; you might say it is. 
The second is from the Faststone Image Viewer app using a right click menu from the image being viewed in the app. The image has a brightness I do not like.
The third is a copy I have saved from a previous printer. This is the color quality I prefer. This was printed using the right click menu "Print" option from a saved copy on the laptop; which is the same method of printing used for the first attached image. 
None of these images capture exactly what is actually printed. In the first, the faded is more faded, in the second, the brightness is more bright especially, at a central point within the image, and the third, the color quality is slightly deeper. 


I am currently using an 2017 Asus Windows 10 laptop that does not update to Windows 11. 
I am plugging in directly to the laptop using a USB cable. 
Using standard letter size printing paper. 
The nozzle check was good when I first printed it before using the printer. Although, I'm not sure how to gauge the color quality, I guess it seemed good enough, not faded. Forgot to print the nozzle check for this post and I have put everything away again. If you have to have it I will print it out. 
Thank you. 

Hi fenpeppertree,

Please print a nozzle check and then attach that image to your reply of this post.  Thank you.






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I am including a nozzle check printout, and also another image I will have to explain.



The second image is a Before and After image.

The Before represents a printout from a small 10.1" RCA Cambio Windows 10 netbook.

The After represents a printout from the same RCA Cambio.

They were both printed the same way. The difference is this:

I thought the Asus laptop might be causing the problem because there is something definitely wrong with it.

The only other Microsoft system device I have at this time is the RCA Cambio, so I tried it. I was relieved when it showed no fading, but I was not happy with the color quality.

I needed to darken the image just a little.

I downloaded Gimp and darkened the image somewhat.

The After image is the result.

Note: I stopped the "After" image before completion (not a malfunction).



Canon on left, Epson on right. Plain cardstock for bothCanon on left, Epson on right. Plain cardstock for bothfenpeppertree.... did you ever figure this out? I just bought the G3260, and I thought I had my settings figured out when comparing to my old Epson prints. But then I printed a more realistic photo with a black background, and the entire picture is very faded. Totally unacceptable. I'm sure there's a setting I'm missing or something. I'm just using plain cardstock, which I know is not as good as quality photo paper. But I used the same cardstock with my Epson with outstanding results. Both printers I am using the Right Click/Print method in Windows 11. Thank you!

Product Expert
Product Expert


I recommend reaching out to Canon support for this issue. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

No, I have not found a solution, and I have tried 3 separate Windows 10 devices.

My only Windows 11 device has a broken screen, and is in repair talk with Gateway.

I would like to try it, just to see if a newer OS could possibly make a difference.

Are you using a Windows 11 PC?


I'm using Windows 11. Actually I also printed some from Windows 10, but that was on higher quality paper. With my Windows 11, I finally got a really good print on plain cardstock (maybe even better than this Epson print). I kept playing with the printer settings. I did find out I have to use different settings for a photo like the one I shared than what I use with a drawing-type pic. I print background paper to use to make cards, and I print lots of florals. I'm a bit confused why a photo and a floral drawing (which almost looks like a photo) take different settings. So for this photo printing on regular cardstock, I went into "Options/Printer Properties" and chose "Plain Paper/ High Quality". Then I clicked on the Main tab at the top and went to the "Manual Color/Intensity section... There I chose to increase the "Contrast" to +30. For my own personal preference I also changed the "Yellow" to -10. Then when I was sure of the settings I wanted, I went back to the "Quick Setup" tab and saved my settings under a name I would remember. For the Floral Drawing prints, I used "Inkjet Greeting Card/High" settings, with the "Contrast" at +30, and the "Yellow" at -20. That seemed to work best for what I was printing. When I printed on Epson Presentation Paper that I already had, which was from Windows 10, I used "High Resolution Paper/High", with a "Contrast" of +30. I may have went into the "Print Quality" on that tab and changed it to "Custom/High 2".  That was for Christmas drawings of gnomes and snowmen... so definitely more of a drawing. Anyway, that's how I got better prints by just playing with the settings. It really threw me off that the different types of prints required different settings even though they were on the same cardstock. Hope this helps you some. 


Same issue - is there any resolution to this.  I bought this for my mom and it prints pictures very light.