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PIXIMA Detects USB Flash Drive Then Says Cannot Detect USB Flashdrive


My Canon Pixima 8220 is not allowing me to scan to USB. When I insert the usb flash drive, the printer says "a USB Flash Drive is connected." When I go to the scan function -> select scan to usb and start the scan I recieve an error that "cannot detect a memory card or USB flash drive for saving." The flash drive is brand new. I have tried other flash drives and have recieved the same message. Anyone else have this issue and figure out how to fix it?



I have the same exact problem. I used to be able to scan to my USB drives with no problems, then all of a sudden the printer started to give me the "Cannot detect a USB flash drive" error. I'm trying to get a hold of Canon customer support, but they want to charge me $19.99 even to speak to me. It's almost as if they're trying to make never buy a Canon product ever again.

Anyone have any suggestions? Please advise.