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My inks seem to evaporate causing a constant cost for new ones.


I retired a few months ago and moved.  After the move I sat up my office and put all fresh inks in the MG5422.  With less than 50 pages of printing the yellow is depleted and the blue and small black are half empty.  Whis is this ink disappearing or are the sensors programmed for us to buy more, and more, and .. . 



Hi gwendorf1,


The nature of what is being printed will impact what inks are used.  For example, if you are printing photos of the ocean, you can expect to run out of cyan ink before magenta.


Also, some third-party inks have a different formulation that may evaporate more quickly.  I recommend using only Canon genuine inks for more reliable page yields.


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I buy only Canon inks (which I wonder why I spend the extra money for something as bad as the rest).  I don't print pictures because they are too grainey.  I use my HP for picture printing - it's a much better printer.  I really think there's a software program that sends messages of empty cartridges as the old seems to weigh about the same as the new.  I think there's a dumpster in the MG5422 near future.   It's an ink-eater.

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