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Make MX922 Win 10 Print only with PGBK250


You can select ink tanks on a Mac using a text:edit method. But no tank selection on PC.

It is silly to use all color inks to make black on a PC. It is wasteful AND COSTLY to force all colors to print black when I buy the XL PGBK250 tank specifically for text printing.

I get the concept that page drying time might be longer for PGBK Black if more ink is jetted (that was raised as a concept, not a fact, by Canon) in another blow-off 'PC/Black Ink Only' reply, but that could be tuned out. Nor does that 'concept' seem to enter into the equation for Macs.

I like the network printer/scanner and I have had it since it was new in stores... since faxing was an option I liked. 

Millennials, way back in the old days before cell phones texted attachments as phone photos or files from One Drive, there was a document facsimile transfer process called Faxing. Both businesses had a Fax Line (a dedicated landline) with a crude scanner you fed documents into and the Fax Machine on the other end reproduced it. It took about a minute per page and the transmission might fail if the Fax Machine on the other end ran out of paper (often) or the modem connection failed (irregularly). The MX922 had a sophisticated Faxing capacity for Junk Mail broadcasts to Phone Books, color faxing and printing (add a minute per page), verification that the fax was transmitted and even a memory of all the faxes sent and received, per phone number, in folder copies or simply as a log.

But the MX922 did not allow use of Black Ink Only for printing then either.

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