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Hard Factory Reset Pixma G4210


I need help doing a HARD factory reset on my Pixma G4210 printer. The instructions for a reset using the control panel do not work. In fact, when I try to select reset All Data, I do not get a Yes or No prompt but a message about Fax documents and resetting the Lan Settings doesn't eliminate my existing WiFi password. I want to to do a hard factory reset because the printer will not connect to my router.

Honestly, this printer has been nothing but a problem since day 1 so I could just have a lemon.




According to page 173 in the User Manual, "...some data may not be changed, depending on the current usage state of your printer".  Though it doesn't describe at all what those unchanged settings would be.

That page also shows "All Data" just under "FAX settings", so wondering if you had meant to select "All Data", but selected "FAX settings" instead?


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers


Thank you for responding. No, I didn't accidentally select Fax settings. After trying to reset All Data I went through all the categories and tried resetting them individually too. I also downloaded the Canon Wi-Fi Connection Assistant and the diagnostic result is that it has a different router address than the computer but for some reason it is holding on to it and won't override it even though I have tried so many times and different ways to get it to connect/changed. I also bought a printer cable to try to override that way but was not successful doing that either. I've pretty much given up. It looks like I now just have a wired printer which is not convenient at all. Bummer.


This has been an issue for me as well. New internet service provider and have tried all steps mentioned above to connect the printer to wifi. Any updates on this by chance? I'm at a loss.

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