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MX922 won't print in black only


How can I get my MX922 to use only the black cartridges to print in black and white?  

I have seen the replies from Canon that do not address the issue; even to the point of suggesting an override by pressing the red Stop button.  I figured out that it meant to use the Stop button on the printer itself; hold for 5-7 seconds, then press OK to get the override to work.  

Since Canon said the override method may damage my printer over time, can I just replace the cyan, yellow, and magenta color cartridges with the same size black cartridges? 

I don't understand why color cartridges are used when I specify printing in black and white only, not grayscale. 

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




If you select the "Plain Paper" option, you should be able to print. 

But if you have empty inks, this might cause a printing issue.  You cannot insert black cartridges in place of color.  If you need high volume B&W printing, choosing a non color model might be a better option.   

Why are color cartridges used for printing black?  

The answer.

White is the absence of color

Black is the presence of all colors.


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That response is bogus. Macs can print from either Black Ink tank alone or together.

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