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MX922 reports ink cartridge is low. NO replacements are recognized. Yet, the used cartridge is.


The MX922 shows the Magenta cartridge is low.  The cartridge has a rapidly blinking red LED.  When I replace the Magenta cartridge, the red LED does not light at all.  Suspecting a bad cartridge, I ordered another.  Same result with new cartridge #2!! These are Canon CLI 271XL cartridges.  The printer has very low use - only for DVDs and an occasional envelope.  I CANNOT USE THIS PRINTER AT ALL unless I keep the used cartridge installed.  Not good.  

I have examined the cartridge contacts and they appear to be in good shape. 
I have cleaned the printhead. 
I have reset the printer memory.
I have installed the latest firmware.

Now the Blue cartridge is doing the same thing.  Replacing it shows no LED.  I had to return the used cartridge to service in order to use the printer at all.

What shall I do?


Product Expert
Product Expert


Could you take a picture of the ink cartridges that are causing the issue and attach them to your reply here. 

We look forward to hearing back from you. 

canon carts.jpg

Here you are!

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