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MX922 printing double lines, double characters here and there


My MX922 printer continues to print double lines in the PGBK nozzle check pattern even after a manual alignment. Is there anything I can do to correct this short of a new printer?  Thanks for your help!








I have the same issues with my MG5550. The nozzle check patter looks exactly the same. Have had the printhead out for cleaning. Done deep cleaning several times.  my firmware update is 3.090.



Here you can see that it's not allways it prints double characters.



Product Expert
Product Expert

HI ssa,


Please try cleaning the encoder.  Please follow the steps outlined in the following Knowledgebase Article:


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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I have an MX892, and recently got a B200 code on my printer.  I cleaned the print head of all inks and reinserted it with new cartridges.  I did a scan copy and had a good copy.  I then tried to print a document and got a double print, I also tried to print directly from a webpage withthe same results.  I have done deep cleans, clean the encoder film with no changes.  Photos come out with  red streaks.


double print.jpg

I have the identical problem.  I tried maintenance clean, deep clean, manual alignment, cleaned the encoder strip, and removed cleaned the print head.  Still have the problem.

the same problem with me .  did you find any solution ?



If you continue to have difficulties with this issue, find more help at Contact Us.



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it seems that canon is not  the product that works very well.

brother and epson never experinced such problems. 

My MX922 started doing this about 1 month out of the warranty.  It would be interesting to hear from others how long they had used their printer before this problem showed up. 


I am an electrical engineer who used to work for a very large printer company and I have never seen this kind of issue before.  It is hard for me to figure out why it can print one line just fine and the next few all messed up.  If it were a mechanical problem such as the timeing belt, it would do the same thing on every line.


It prints pictures just fine which in my mind, rules out a mechanical issue. 


This has to be some sort of electronic or software issue.  If that is the case then Cannon could issue a patch or new software and fix the issue. 


I live way out in the country so taking the printer to the dump is much easier than taking it to some sort of service center.  I will go to the nearest sales outlet next week and show them the problem.  If they have no solution then taking it to the dump is the answer.  I will not purchase another Cannon printer due to poor support.



I have had my MX922 for about five years and double printing every other line or at random it appears sometimes, just started recently. I cannot be sure it started the print problem at the same time, but my PC also upgraded to Windows 11 recently.


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