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MX922 Error 5100. Cartridge carriage getting stuck


I use chinese replacement catridges and looks like one got unseated and the printer head/cartridge carrier got jammed and printer would flash 5100 error. 

I had to pop the small cover on the scanner bed - lower right corner - and then push the cartridge carrier by hand to get it past the obstruction. Popped all the catrridges and cleaned the printer head as per one of the very good videos on youtube. I couldnt find any other instance on the internet of a problem similar to mine, so documenting it here in case someone else gets it too. Hope it helps.





"I had to pop the small cover on the scanner bed - lower right corner"  Please I need more info on what you are referring to? Where is this small cover on the scanner bed?  Which printer are you referring to? My printer is an MX922.




I had this issue recently after cleaning the print head. I didnt secure thin ink properly causing to get stuck. to releacse it I had to wiggle while pulling the assmbly out while the printer was off. Discalmer I have a secondary printer and was really concern about doing this as if it broke I would be fine. Yet I was abel to get it to realease and slde out were  I could reseat the cartrides. Also I believe ishpreet is refering tro the the area at the bottom right corner of the scanner bed. you can maybe get to the front of the far right two  cartriidges from there

If it weren't for you, I would nevere have realized there was that little trap door (lower right hand side) in order to help move carriage, that was stuck! Eventually fixed my issue, thanks ishpreet!


Could you share the YouTube. I’m having this same issue. 


If you could also share the YT video, I would like to know. My cartridge tray is all the way on the left side when normally is either in the center or to the right.