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MX922 Auto crop


Scanner quit auto cropping smali white/black receipts. Wll crop horizontal,  but not vertical.




A couple of things to mention:


Auto Crop depends on the paper size selected. 


Scan Gear > You can change the auto crop setting in the Preferences dialog box.  


See this:

Bay Area - CA

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Have done everything you suggested. Did not change anything. Actually I had done those steps 4 times prior. I did figure out the main problem was with store receipts that are mainly 2"wide. However I found if I ignored cropping them, they woud scan properly. hat is not the way it worked prior. I have had this printer since around 2012 and love it. This is the first problem I have had with it other than having to unplug it after 5-6 scans because it quits working. It continues to happen. All Canon support wants to do is sell me a new computer. I did prurchase a new power supply to no avail.

Thnks for your promt respose. You were the only response I gt.