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MX922 1403 Error

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Hello relatively lightly used MX922. In middle of print job error that Cyan cartridge was out and had to be changed, put in new tank, printer started to do its thing like normal and then out of no where boom 1403 error, Tried the reseat, tried the cleaning of the print head, tried a hard reset, and for grins put all new tanks in and nothing has cleared the error.


What makes me really annoyed is I just stocked up on ink for this as the kids are doing school from home. Very few models seem to use this ink system and the ones you can find are outragulously priced so it wouldnt make sense to go that route.


Am I just out of luck?



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Sounds like you followed the recommended steps for troubleshooting.  


Canon Knowledge Base - Error Codes 1401, 1403, 1405: Print Head Issues - PIXMA MX922


If you canot get the error to clear, it likely indicates a more serious problem with the print head.


If you are finding that inkjets don't provide the cost to value ratio needed to keep your kids printing, a laser printer might be a better option.  The cost to print per page is much lower.  Toner also lasts much longer and doesn't have the issues many inkjet printers experience over the corse of their life. 


Initial investment is a little more, but in the long run, they pay for themselves quickly.  They don't offer the same photographic print quality of an inkjet, but a good color laser can handle most school related projects easily.     

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Thanks its just a bummer that it crapped out for no appearant reason other than there seems to be a genetic defect that Canon builds into these things, Reminds me of the movie The 6th Day.


Anywho I wish the fax, copier and scanner would still work with this error but she is locked up tight.



Anyone know how I can get passed start up demo #6... after you hook up to internet, type in your passcode???
I'm sure I can handle that, however the screen is not the same as in the example. I can not get the printer to go past.

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I do not have a 1403 error. {sorry}

Anyone from canon care you chime in? With the amount of problems I am now seeing with this model and all the models that use this print head system I am surprised there was never a recall or TSB issued.