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MX920 series prints some things and then others nothing

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I can't understand why my MX920 series will print many things with no trouble but then some things it will print a blank page with just a little bit at the bottom of the page.  I downloaded something from my email from State Farm and need to get it signed but the printer won't print it. It will print anything else and even from my Pages.

I am on a MacBook Pro    Big Sur    version 11.6.1    I'm using Safari and can print most things online but then again some others not such as when I tried to print some pages for my daughter from the Italian Consulate, it wouldn't print those pages either. 

It's like official business stuff it won't print. Why?


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Incomplete or blank page prints are normally related to drivers.  

MX920 Series - Support:

Support | MX Series - Inkjet | PIXMA MX922 (MX920 Series) | Canon USA

Note,  the last MAC OS which officially supported your printer was Catalina (v10.x).  Drivers for Big Sur do not exist.

This means that printing might continue to work, but with some limitations.  This can include missing text or blank pages in some cases.

I might recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the printer, but without official drivers, you may lose additional printing capability.  Other possible work around..  save documents which fail to print in another format.  These may print.  In the end however, you might need to replace the device with another model which is supported under the OS you are choosing to run.


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Hi, thanks so much for your reply.  I was already thinking that I'd have to buy a new one. I have tried everything mentioned above to try to fix this problem and nothing good changes.  I admit however, that I did not know that I need to look for a new one that would support Big Sur driver.  I sure hope this is something on the outside of boxes.  Do you know if the newer versions of Canon (this size or a bit smaller) will support my system? I've looked a little and really don't want to go to another brand (unless I have to). 

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Product Expert

Hello Micia,

If certain parts of the print is missing, you can also try a nozzle check using the steps in the link HERE to make sure that all of the ink colors can get to the paper properly. If any of the colors are missing or the black grid, you can perform some cleanings or deep cleanings to try and get the colors to reappear.

If the color do not reappear after 3-4 cleanings, it will mean the printer needs service. We have our Canon upgrade program in case you need to replace your printer. Outside of the 1 year warranty, you can contact our sales department at 1-800-385-2155 to use our Upgrade Program. The Upgrade program will give you a discount and free shipping on a replacement printer. Our current lineup of Pixma printers will work with your OS. If you mention your OS when talking to sales, they can help you find a printer that fits your needs.

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Thanks Hector! I've tried everything you mentioned plus more. I really give up on mine now. Thank you so much for letting me know about the upgrade program. I will for sure call them and see what I can get. I'm very happy to read that the new ones will work with my OS.