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MX350 imaginary paper jam


When the printer receives the print command, it does not grab any paper but goes through a printing cycle, presumably wasting ink onto the roller. Then it gives an error code about a paper jam and paper not exiting. There is no paper jam. I've put fewer sheets of paper in the tray, I've put more sheets in. I've made sure the paper guides are in the right place, I think.  I'm baffled. Help?



12 yr old printer.  Something could have become worn or ultimately failed.  Best you can do is a visual inspection for a jam or debris.  If none is seen or found...  I'd replace it.  I'm sure you've received whatever value you've paid for it and then some over the last 10+ yrs.



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You're right, I have received excellent value from it and just want to make sure it's really something I can't fix before it goes to the electronics recycling. Thanks for the advice.