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MP560 paper jammed error message for rear & front casset paper tray when there's no visual paper jam


I'm looking for a another printer since this MP560 has  started to produce problems as not being able to print using Plain paper setting. So I've temporarily  reset the MP560 printing preferences  to a High Resolution paper from the rear tray.


 I need to ship out a heavy Nec monitor tomorrow and need to print a UPS label however all of sudden the MP560 started to produce paper jam errors for both the rear tray and the front cassette tray. * The problem is there's no paper jammed that I'm able to determine exists.


I guess I'm going to need to print to a PDF and borrow someones computer to print out the pdf file, until I'm able to find another printer.


I had ordered a new print head for the MP560 and will need to take it apart to inspect what's causing the non existent paper error. Perhaps there a dirty sensor, switch, roller, etc. that's the root of the problem?


I've worked on printers in the past but I don't remember working on any Canons.  I've worked on a few inkjets, dot matrix, laserject's etc. but it's been a while.


Since I still have plenty of ink carts for the MP560 I think I'll look around for another Canon that accepts the same ink cartridges as the MP560.


Any suggestions what the problem may be. There is no visual paper jammed in any part of the printer.


I tried leaving the printer unplugged for 15 mins, but that did not resolve the problem. Perhaps It needs to be taken apart and given a good  cleaning, including the paper trays, rollers, etc.






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If no obvious obstructions can be found, the unit may require the attention of a service technician.


Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance with this issue.

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