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MP Navigator and High Sierra


After installing macOS 10.13.1 (High Sierra) MP Navigator EX 4.0 has ceased to work.


Thanks, Mark.  In the elegance stakes, that solution scores zero, I'm afraid!  Fortunately, by updating MP Navigator to v4.0.5 and reinstalling the IJ Network Tool in its latest version, all problems with my MG 6150 have been overcome.  Took me a couple of hours to sort that out and I would have hoped for an auto-update from Canon, to be honest, but the job's done, thankfully.  Hopefully this might help other sufferers.

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Have been a happy Canon user for years, all my camea gear and printing is done with Canon.


Yesterday I had a perfectly working MG6150 with new ink.


Today I finally did the High Sierra upgrade, clean install so had to redownload drivers and brilliant - sorry your perfectly functiong printer is now unusable because we havent made a simple driver update. 


I am sure under EU law that deliberate obsolecense is illegal but I suppose you just say its an old printer so no longer supported. Really poor show, especially if you are focing users to go out and buy new products - guess what, we go elsewhere.


Do yourselves a favour Canon, produce the drivers it isnt a major bit of work (software developer)



Just found this little Jem


Great tucked away somewhere, hey guys we posted that you should check before you upgrade - only it refers to Sierra not High Sierra.

Canon MX-882 worked great from my mac until High Sierra upgrade.


Stumbled upon Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite: (Note the 2.3.3 update which support High Sierra).


At least now I can scan, with some limitations. Most important limitation is that scanning a document to PDF does not utilize OCR. However I stumbled upon a trick which works with one page documents: for "Data Format" specify "PDF (Multiple Pages)". A caveat is that only the first page of a multi-page document results in a searchable PDF file. Second, and additional, pages don't contain searchable text. Another limitiation is that you can't seem to change the size from letter to a smaller, custom size. If you don't care about OCR this might be a good option for you.


Scanning to OCR PDF is critical for me so unless someone can figure out a solution for the multi-page document I'll probably need a new printer. As a Canon lover for decades I'm thinking it might be time to try another brand. Pretty disappointed that they won't support "old" printers.

I received the 20 percent off offer from Canon - I could get the same printer on Amazon for about 30 percent off...



Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite Version 3.0.1 was released 18Jan2018:


This works OK (not great) with my MX-882 and Mac High Sierra. I stumbled upon this product and was surprised that it worked. Unfortunately the OCR scanning is not supported (or doesn't work). But... I stumbled upon the fact that if you use "PDF document to scan" and then indicate a Data Format of "PDF (Multiple Pages)" the resulting PDF is searchable!


When I scanned a two page document the first page is search-able but the second page is not.


There were a couple of other things that weren't as good as the original software that we'd all been using - but at least it partially works.



Marley here. Canada.

Canon MG 5320 had all functions working until I bought a new iMac with the High Sierra operating system.

Now the MP Navigaor EX 5.0.2 will not open - it crashes immediately.

Do I need to download new updated driver for this new system?

Need full instructions if I do need to update my drivers.

Thank you.


Here's what Canon told me:


The PIXMA MX340 is retired and there have been no updated scan drivers created for new operating systems. You may attempt to install the scan drivers from the last operating system drivers were updated. The following link will take you to the drivers and downloads page for your MX340.


  1. Change Operating System box to OS X El Capitan v10.11

  2. Select ICA Driver, then click download

  3. Select MX340 series Scanner Driver, then click download

  4. Click Software tab

  5. Select MP Navigator EX, then click download

Follow on screen instructions to install drivers.

If any of the files do not install successfully, the printer will be incompatible with the operating system for scanning. I apologize for any inconvenience.


What does that tell you about their customer focus and customer support?


Getting my taxes done out of state.  Worke up this morning to scan in all my documents before my appointment and mp navigator kept crashing -- then I found this little gem.  This is basically a minor OS update, not some complete overhaul where the software needs to be redesigned.  What a joke...


Thanks Canon!  Great example of corporations screwing the consumer and trying to milk them for more money.  I suppose the insane amount of money I already give you for ink cartidges just isn't enough!



I guess since Canon will no longer support my MG6200 and MG7500 printers with working drivers, there's no reason for me to continue to buyn OEM printer cartridges from Canon any longer.  If my printers are viewed as obsolete by the manufacturer, them I'll just buy my ink from 3rd party suppliers who actually are interested in supporting these devices going forward.


Canon is pathetic.

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