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MG8220 driver not available for Windows 11


I moved from Windows 10 to Windows 11 yesterday. I want to print from my MG8220. Settings>Printers&Scanners show the printer but says that the driver is unavailable. When I try to download the driver for Win11 on the Canon website, it doesn't appear to exist. When I try to use or download the driver from Win10, it (unsurprisingly) doesn't work. Is this old printer no longer supported? Is there a way to still use it?



A few months ago I also went to Win11.  It seems that a wireless driver doesn't exist, but I have been printing via USB connection just fine.


Had the same problem on new PC 12/12/22, solved by going to Bluetooth & Devices / Printers & Scanners and select "ADD DEVICE". Next go to Windows Update and select "Check for Updates followed by Advanced Options. You should see that Microsoft added a driver so download and install.

Unfortunately Canon no longer supports with additional software but core functionality such as ink levels and maintenance can be accessed thru the Microsoft driver.

Also you may need to update printer's firmware, I did prior using my older PC running Windows 10 and USB connected.


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The XPS driver available for Windows 10 might also work.  If so, you will also get 16 bit printing support.  So it is worth trying.

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