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MG6250 not printing black even after cleaning the printhead




I think that I have had this problem for years. My MG6250 was in the storage for couple of years, but now I took it back in the use, and I have the problem with printing the black ink. While cleaning the printhead, I noticed something. For the other colors, the printhead surface seems to be a bit rough, but for this problematic black color, the printhead surface is completely smooth. Also, when I touch the printhead with a piece of paper, all the other colors leave a color mark to the paper, but the black one, the smooth one, doesn't leave any mark to the paper. Is this normal? Is my printhead missing some piece? I'll also attach a photo here, maybe to explain better the problem.


MG6250 printhead


Maybe it can also be seen in the photo, that the biggest printhead, which is the not working black one, seems to be more shiny than the other ones.


What can I do? Is this normal? Do I need to buy a new printhead, would that solve the problem?


Thanks a lot for all the answers already beforehand!




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