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MG5650 Not Scanning when initiated from printer. Shows "Please wait momentarily"


I've just installed Windows 10 and reinstalled the Canon MG5600 software and drivers for a MG5650 all in one device.


I can print fine and I can scan when using IJ SCAN or Windows Scan app.

Initally I was able to use the Scan button on the MG5650 to initiate a scan but after a reboot of the PC pressing Scan on the device resulted in "Please wait momentarily" and then returning to the Scan menu without starting anything on the PC.


Today I deleted the MG5650 in Control Panel / Devices & Printers and deinstalled all software. I then reinstalled the software and added the MG5650, printing and scanning all work OK, SCAN from the MG5650 worked.

Then rebooted PC and SCAN comes up with "Please wait momentarily" and never works.


I'm left with always having to use the IJ Scan utility rather than the functionality on the MG5650 which is a shame.