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MG5320 doesn't print at all


My MG5320 was working fine for over a year, now it doesn't print at all. When I send a print job, the printer goes through all the motions, sounds like it's printing, and ejects the paper, but it's blank. I've put in new cartridges (a few times), run the nozzle clean and deep clean but none of that helps. Have downlaoded and installed the latest drive,  removed and cleaned the print head (using distilled water) and still no printing.

I've hooked it up via usb connection to three different computers (Mac, Win 7, Win XP) and it behaves the same. It scans OK just doesn't print. There's no error code.

Any idea what is going on?


Rising Star

Hello jmahun,


How does the nozzle check pattern look?  To print the pattern, please try the following procedure:





    1. Select  Setup on the HOME screen.
      The setup menu screen will appear.
    2. Select  Maintenance, then press the OK button.
      The Maintenance screen will appear.
    3. Select Print nozzle check pattern, then press the OK button.

      The confirmation screen will appear.
    4. (4) Select Yes, then press the OK button.
      The nozzle check pattern will be printed and two pattern confirmation screens will appear on the LCD.


 Check if there are missing lines in the pattern (1) or horizontal white streaks in the pattern (2).


If your pattern is missing any of the letters or sections above, you have done the recommended troubleshooting by running through a cleaning and a deep ceaning through the "Maintenance" window.


If the nozzle check is missing any of the sections, please visit the following link to reach our technical support via email or phone for further assistance: Contact Us. 



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Nothing prints - nozzle check included. Absolutely blank.

I contacted, and have already heard back from, Tech Support. They told me to run Cleaning Maitenance a few times then try another pattern check  (basically same as what you're saying). I did that  but still no printout whatsoever. Tech Support said I'd have to take the printer in for repair.


It wlll cost more to repair than to just buy a new (non-Canon, this time) printer.

I see on this forum that I'm not the only one who has had this kind of printer problem. I also see that few of them (if any?) have been solved. 

I am having the EXACT same problem, same printer. It happened in the middle of printing a 200 page document, it just started spitting out blank pages, right in the middle of a page. There is plenty of ink, and since everything was fine before that I doubt the heads were clogged but I ran several cycles of cleaning anyway (still getting blank pages). Were you ever able to get this resolved?

Nope. I got hold of tech support and they basically had me try everything I'd already tried (nozzle ccheck/clean). After a few emails back and forth, I was told I'd have to send in the printer for repair. I figured that for what new a new multi-function printer costs, it wouldn't be cost effective to repair the 5320. So I bought a new printer (non-Canon this time). It's ridiculous that we've gotten to the point where it costs more to repair something than it is to replace it, especially when it's not that old. Heck, in some cases a new printer is cheaper than replacing all the ink cartridges in an old one. No wonder our landfills are filling up.

I'm so annoyed, I spent my whole evening removing the the print heads and cleaning those, reinstaling the drivers, running the cleaning cycles..nothing has worked.  It looks like I'll be buying a new one too.  I will NOT be buying another Canon! I have never liked liked this thing. The fact that it took 5 minutes to wake up and decide to print a page was ridiculous to begin with and it was a ink hog.  I mostly print in black and was shocked to find the color inks almost empty after just a couple of uses. 

I've had a Canon Pixma MP990 for 3+ years and never had any problems with it (even tho I use much cheaper non-Canon cartridges in it). Silly me, I thought based on that and the decent reviews I saw for the MG5320 that it would be OK, too. Just goes to show: a mannfacturer's printer quality is pretty much a crap shoot.

Just saw your post.  The same thing happened to me today.  My MG5320 is 3+ yo, so repairing this is not an option.  What printer did you replace this with?

It's my daughter's printer and I replaced it with an Epson. I don't remeber the model as she took it back to school with her. I realize that's not much help, but it was in the same price range as the Canon and she hasn't had any problems with it yet.

There is a Brother Printer MFCJ450DW that has great reviews on Amazon that I'm thinking about getting. I hope this helps 🙂
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