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MG3620 printing issue on Nozzle Check


I have a Cannon MG3620 printer.  When I print a Nozzle Check pattern, the black pattern of lines and the color bars print out fine, but the text at the bottom concerning number of pages; the first line doesn't completely print the first 3 numbers (251-300 Pages) and the second line almost doesn't print at all, just partially the last 3 numbers.

What could cause this?Pattern Check_20230504_0001.jpg


Product Expert
Product Expert


The bars and some parts of the grid are missing so I recommended a nozzle cleaning and deep cleaning if you have not done so. 

You can also perform a bottom plate cleaning( click HERE for the steps) and an encoder strip cleaning( click HERE).

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I replaced the black ink cartridge, and the issue went away.  Somehow the cartridge was causing the issue, and it wasn't a clogged head since it was printing, but printing fuzzy characters and barcodes, and even wavy vertical straight lines.