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MG 2522 Not printing


My PIXMA MG2522 prints the Adobe IRS form but not the data on the form. I received the IRS tax document in an email attachment. For word documents It sounds like it is printing my word document, but the paper comes out clear. I have replaced the cartridges, but the color cartridge yellow light comes on when I start printing. The printer prints out a test page OK. It prints out photos I have saved in my pictures file. It just doesn't want to print word documents and Adobe attachments. I downloaded the drivers twice but still have the printer problem. I have tried unplugging it and restarting my PC. Nothing helps.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi woopoo1963,

Please follow these steps:

1.  Load letter sized plain paper into your PIXMA MG2522.

2.  Turn your PIXMA MG2522 on.

3.  Hold down the STOP button on your PIXMA MG2522 until the error light blinks 1 time and then let go of the button.

A test page will print.

Did a black grid print to the right of |BK| ?

Below that, did 2 blue, 2 pink and 2 yellow bars print ?

Please compare your printout with the example below.

MG2520 Nozzle Check.jpg



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Sorry, but that didn't work. I deleted all the drives and programs and reloaded the disc with the new programs. The new MG2522 computer now works. I will later check and see if the 2-year-old MG2522 will work with the new programs loaded.

the sample page printed but it still won't print what I bought it for. No help from 'canon support' at all. 

So I followed the steps you said and it still did not print, it didn't even print the test page. please help me if you can.


mine did the sample page but does NOT print anything else. I'll return for a refund, especially with NO 'customer support'.

Hi, bobbybergdol.

Welcome to the Canon Forums!

The Forums aren't intended for immediate assistance. If your question is urgent, click HERE to visit your My Canon Account to register your printer and discover your personalized support options.

If you're outside of the USA, please click HERE to find your support options. 


I can't get a phone # for support & now for 'help' it won't let me log on.

The phone number you'll be calling for support is 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).  Registration is required, though, so please make sure your PIXMA MG2522 is registered first at

Hope to talk to you soon!