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IP6000D printer USB Front Port


I have an IP6000D printer which I love and have no intention of changing. Only problem is the front USB port has never worked (don't really care if it does or not) but after I changed hard drives Disk Management wants me to "Initialize The Disk" before it can be used. This is new, and it gives me 2 options, MBR or GPT. It's not a disk anyway but choosing either option gives me a reply that the device is not ready. Is there a way to get rid of this? The port has always shown up in Windows Explorer as a drive but wasn't accessible. Any suggestions to get rid of this message (or port)?





I am not specifically familiar with the IP6000D.  Its a Canon Europe printer.  Its also not supported under W10 per Canon's Support Portal. 

PIXMA iP6000D - Support - Download drivers, software and manuals - Canon Europe (

What I can tell you is this.  Windows appears to think that port on the printer is a storage device.  This is why it appears in Windows Explorer and also why Disk Management is asking you to initialize it.  Windows wants to assign a drive letter to it, so that it can mount it as a disk for reading.  In this case from the memory card in a camera.  

Being unfamiliar with it, I don't know if this was part of its installation, of if you, maybe at one time connected something to it and mapped it as a drive?

What happens if you right-click on the icon in explorer and select disconnect or remove?

FYI, the printer is at least 12 yrs old.  I'm sure you are aware of this. 


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Only 12 years old?
Anyway, I went in to Devices, and Printers, and located the Canon. In the properties of the printer under the Hardware tab there is an entry for USB storage. I disabled that entry and all is fine.