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I have a Canon MX432 printer, went from XP to 7 Pro and having trouble scanning cards for Ebay


I have a Canon MX432 Printer.  Just got another computer and went from Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro.  I sell sports cards on Ebay and am having trouble adjusting size of cards when I scan them for Ebay.  How do I adjust scan size?



Hi hppym,


The ScanGear driver that can be accessed from within the MP Navigator program allows for previewing and cropping of an item before it is scanned.  To access ScanGear, open MP Navigator and choose Scan/Import Photos Documents.  Next, please click on the USE THE SCANNER DRIVER checkbox, then click the green SCAN button.  The ScanGear window will open.

Once in the scanner driver (ScanGear) window, you would click the PREVIEW button to show the image that is being scanned in the window, then when you put your mouse over the previewed image, the cursor will turn into cross-hairs.  Click and drag the cross-hairs until the portion of the image that you want to scan is selected (or cropped), then click the SCAN button to scan the image.  If you accidentally select a portion of the image and want to eliminate that selection, in the toolbar above the image you will see a dotted rectangle with an "X" at the bottom of it; click on that and it will erase the crop marks you have set.

More information on cropping images using the scanner driver can be found here.


Hope this helps!


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