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How to print a single envelope on a Canon MX922


I'm trying to figure out if there is an easy way to print single envelopes without having to take all the paper out of the lower tray, readjust the guides for an envelope, print the envelope, readjust the guides for full size paper, then putting the full size paper back in the lower tray. 


I'm thinking that I will have to buy a 2nd lower tray if I can't get this problem resolved.


A Nobel Prize to "NCS"! I have been using Canon printers for years, most recently an 860 which I replaced with the 922. Before purchasing the 922, I talked with someone at Canon support about its features. Not a word was said about envelope printing, a function everyone needs sooner or later, probably often. Of course, it never occurred to me to ask about it.  I presume Canon eliminated the rear tray to make room for some new feature. Whatever the reason, it was a bad idea poorly executed.


NCS's solution is brilliant. I have adapted it thusly: Cut a 2-1/8" (slightly wider than NCS's "regular business card") strip of 8-1/2 x 11 card stock, and secure it to an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, along the left edge. When printing an envelope, I lay that sheet on top of the existing paper stack in the printer's lower drawer, and place the envelope on that sheet, butted up against the strip of card stock. And then print. The strip of card stock effectively acts as a new left edge of the lower drawer.


NCS said that before printing, he/she removed the business card that is used as a left edge to set the envelope. For me, the envelope shifted a bit after I removed the business card, so I made my device to avoid that.




I have to say it: The Canon design team should be ASHAMED of themselves.


I agree. My 870 finally failed (there was nothing wrong with it except for the software which is unavailable to reset the counter). It was the perfect printer for me. Sigh. So, I picked up the 922 (used) and am realizing that it's got fewer features.


I have the Canon Pixma 860 and bought the 922 last month as I wanted the wifi feature.  I am so disappointed in the 922 compared to the 860.  The 860 is quiet vs the 922, the option for printing envelopes on the 860 is very easy as you just put in the rear feeder, no need to empty the paper tray, print and then reload papertray! What a pain the the butt! Who thought that through???   Very Very disappointed in the 922 so far.  

Agree, my new 922 is such a noisy pain.

You are right!  Trying to print a single envelope is a joke on this printer.  What could anywone be thinking to make you dismantle your paper, reset all the paper guides in order to print an envelope???  It's nuts!


I too am very disappointed that the 922 cannot easily print a single or multiple envelopes. I really miss the rear tray of my older (now dead) Canon printer. I am disappointed that Canon removed that feature.

Me too

I just managed:

1- in the lower tray place the envelops «face down» as indicated on the left icon.
2- secure the envelops by moving the black and white plastic movers (only know the french name of those things), make sure the envelops are pushed to the bottom of the tray, the point that goes first into the printer
3- customize your envelop options on your computer and print....

Wasted more than 30min to manage this all.



I dont know if you realise, but there are two trays one on top of the other and the one above should be used to print a single envelope. Its fairly simple actally and you do not have to empty the lower tray to do this.

The top tray is only usable if the envelope is small enough to fit.  I too am really disappointed with printer.  I miss the rear feed and printing envelopes with this printer is a nightmare.  Bad design, bad printer. 

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