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How to order ink for a US printer Pixma iP110 to Europe?


Hi! Could someone advice, how could I order ink for my printer Pixma iP110, bought in the US to Europe? I live in Finland now and the canon ink that they sell here or in European online stores is not compatible with my device. Canon USA doesn't ship to Finland/Europe... Thanks in advance!



There is only one way... have someone buy it for you here and ship it to Finland.


Other options.  Buy a printer sold in the european market and you will be able to buy ink for it.


I support a large user base who travel and live temporaily abroad.  Things I never send them with are monitors and printers.  One due to the expense of shipping (risk or damage, etc) and two becuase you can't get ink.  You are not the first and will not be the last person to experience this.

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Thank you so much for the answer! Good to know and so sad to hear this. People are not really travelling ATM, especially between the US and Finland... 😄