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How do I print a full sized 11x14" photo on my PIXMA iP8720?


Cannot print a full 11x14" photo on my PIXMA iP8720? Comes out any size but that. Had to switch back to my Epson 1430 and all I did was select 11x14".  The canon does not have that size to select and I have no idea what A3 etc is all about


Cannot blieve seting upa print on this printer is so much trouble.



Hi rridgeback55,


So we can better assist you, please let us know what operating system you have on your computer (version of Windows or Mac OS X), as well as what type of paper you are printing on.


Should you need more immediate assistance, we ask that you please contact a Canon technical support representative at one of the methods provided here. A representative will be happy to assist you free of charge.

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MacBookPro (2015)

OS 10.11.6

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 (currentLy updated); Tired GIMP and others, but use Elements is daily.

Kirkland Professional Glossy Inkjet (primarily)


Rarely others no need to mention as very rarely due to cost of same.  It's not the brand that should matter here, its the size that I cannot preset prior to printing. Never seen anything like this with any of my Macs from the 80's on. 


There is no 11x14" as a choice of print size when I set up to print. with my Canon PIXMA iP8720. 


When I use the 11x14" paper. I lose alot of the area on the print as he print always falls short of the full size of the paper. I have tried experimentally, the different settings for my Canon printer with 11x14" plain paper to see if there was an 11x14" setting "hidden" Did not wish to waste that more costly 11x14" photo paper.


I can print an 11x14" on my old CPU (Mac G5 earliest model back then).  with outdated software. The CPU works just fine, but I do  not have the time to wait upto an hour before it is all set up and finihes for each print. It is slow. 



Please advise,





A custom paper size would have to be specified for this paper size.  You can specify custom sizes in the Page Setup menu of most programs.


Borderless printing is not available on custom paper sizes.  This can only be done with standard paper sizes such as 4x6, 5x7, Letter, 11x17, 13x19.


If additional assistance is needed, find more help at Contact Us.



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I have the same issue with my iP8720, but have no customizable function availible in my Canon settings; my OS is Windows 10.

I think it's riddiculous that one of the most common paper sizes-- 11x14-- is not built into the programming of this device.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Why is borderless printing not available on custom paper sizes?  That is absolutely ridiculous.  And why is this not pointed out by Canon?  Instead, they go out of their way to lie with this gem:  "Take your cherished memories to the next level with the PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer. The PIXMA iP8720 allows you to print stunning borderless photos up to 13"x19"", which you can see specifically stated on here and which any normal human being would take to mean that borderless can be printed on any size up to 13"x19" (not just only on sizes specified as non-custom:


How on earth can Canon call this a crafting printer when scrapbookers specifically need to print out 12"x12" papers?  We don't want 11 3/4" x 11 3/4".  False advertising by Canon.  I'm pissed off.

It can be done, Richard. I have similar set-up; PS Elements 15 and Pixmaip 8720. I tried after reading your post. You do have  to actually type in 11x14 in the 'custom' size box in 'page set-up.'  It's a little clunky messing with the settings but make sure you check the 'preview' box before printing. I only printed 8x10 image size on the 11x14 sheet. Didn't try to print without borders or anything beyond what I mentioned. Glad I tried it for the future of cutting down a 11x17 sheet. Let us know how it works out.  brassman   ( I suppose you could print an 11x14 image on an 11x17 sheet and then trim off the white excess.)

Hello Great and thanks much!



Set your printer paper options to 11x17 and adjust your margins accordingly. This will then print 11x14, your printer does not recognize your paper size as 11x14. To your printer It will be as if you were using 11x17 and it will not print anything on the last 3 inches.

Thank you breadman for your reply - to get my 12x12 to print correctly - borderless - I ended up choosing 13x19 as my print size, moving the margins to 0, adjusting the paper guides all the way open, and putting my cardstock all the way to the left.  Much appreciated for the workaround.  Still, I think Canon can do better for the scrapbooking world - There is currently no large format printers that can also scan a 12x12 layout....that would be the ultimate crafting printer/scanner.