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G7020 printer issue - "The latest firmware is on the server. Install the firmware update" message


I have a Canon Pixma G7020 printer.


I see the constant message "The latest firmware is on the server. Install the firmware update" on the printer's screen. If I am pressing OK, the message is dissaperaing, but in an hour or two I can see it again. A cannot update firmware as official Canon servers do not contain any firmware versions



I am using Windows 10 x64 Version 20H2 and latest Canon drivers


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi gedonis,


To update the firmware, please follow these steps:


1.  Press the wrench and screwdriver button 1 time


2.  Press the right arrow 2 times to select Device settings and press OK


3.  Press the right arrow 5 times to select Firmware update and press OK


4.  Press OK on Install update







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OK.  Now how do I install previous firmware since this the latest fails to offer me the option of source "front cassette" for copy mode.

Need the option to manually install the firmware and ability to install older firmware versions (and a location to download various firmware versions).
Please, don't insult us by providing canned responses on how to update firmware automatically.  Need the above capability.  Please provide it.


I have a related question regarding the G7020 firmware update, since I received the same notification on the printer's front panel. In Remote UI, my current version is listed as 1.030. I have found no documentation online regarding the latest version (the one my printer is notifying me about), which should include the version number, and what fixes or features are included. When I go to the software downloads section for that model, and filter by "Firmware", it says there is no firmware for that model (which of course it not true). So how can I find out the latest version number and what issues the update is addressing? That's some pretty basic information a user should know, since I'm not inclined to just apply a black box firmware update, especially if I'm not having any issues with the printer. But at the same time, I also want to make sure there are no unpatched security issues. Thanks all!


What to do when it says "Cannot communicate with server"?

I'm thinking my firmware is corrupted - the printer is acting erratic when going through wifi:

1. sometimes connects, sometimes doesn't, yet, the network/lan settings are correct and the printer shows connected at the router.
2. send a 1 page print job and it takes about 10 minutes to print the page.  Then, over the next 24 hours the printer will kick out about a dozen pages of partially printed pages - all starting from the top of the page, yet, not printing the full page.  Also includes blank pages in that stack of prints.
3. keeps requesting confirmation of paper sizes in back tray. - this may be a separate issue.

I ended up running a network cable and have not had the problems.  I'm unsure if this is a hardware issue or software.  I have reloaded the latest driver package multiple times, the printer still mis-behaves.  I'd like the ability to re-load the firmware, which is why I am requesting the ability for me to manually download the firmware - then need the instructions to force a firmware update.


I had a similar issue and just resolved it so I setup this user account specifically to help other others since the official responses are unhelpful.


I had to go into the LAN settings and change the setting of DNS Server which was setup as my router's gateway. I just changed the DNS from Auto to Manual and then set the Primary Server to (Cloudflare) and the Secondary Server to (Google) and then I was able to update the firmware from version 1.030. As of Sept 19, 2023 the latest Firmware version is 1.050. I have not found a website that has the firmware available nor what any difference in the firmware versions are.

Thanks, I’ll try that.
The lack of documentation is appalling Which vendor does not provide a change log - and a meaningful one - on their website for software or firmware? Canon, that’s who. Or the the ability to manually download from their website, including earlier versions. I really like the printer, but c’mon Canon, get with the program already. <Rant OFF>

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