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G7020 Weird color, streaks and half lines missing in B&W


Hi, I need help for what I can try next. My B&W printing is a mess. Sometimes it misses the top part of the line, sometimes the bottom and some lines are okay. The amount of the line that's missing varies and most lines are very blurry. But when I ask for a color print, the lines are printed properly in terms of the form of the letters and lines. However, the color is off. The print is limited to blues and yellows (and of course green). I ran a nozzle check, the quicker ink flush and two of the deep cleaning ink flushes. So I've blown through a lot of ink, but I still have the problem. I am on Mac Ventura and have the latest drivers installed. What else can I check / do? This would be a great printer if it wouldn't get messed up every time I don't use it for a week or two. 


Product Expert
Product Expert


Since the issue remains after the flush and cleanings, I recommend you reach out to Canon support. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Thank you, ArthurJ. I have registered the product although it is probably out of warranty. I really do need to print some things. I can see that magenta is not working at all, there is probably something I can find to help with that, but the B&W is a mess that I have n o idea how to untangle. 

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