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PIXMA G3262 Printing Vinyl Stickers


Printer Type: PIXMA G3262

Problem, I purchased the cricut maker 3, along with printable vinyl sticker paper. the form of vinyl printer paper can be matte or glossy, but every time i try to print, it comes up black with some ink on it that didnt even get into the material. can this printer handle this kind of thing? i personally have been thinking the problem is the type of settings im printing with, as in what paper type i choose for the printer. thank you for reading, i had to make an account on this community to recieve help im assuming. does canon have people pay for support with printer problems or what im confused about that as well. i probably wouldnt of bought it if i didnt think id be able to talk to anyone about if i had a problem! thanks to anyone that will read and help. 



Exactly what is the vinyl material you have? Is it some brand name, or an unknown? Canon would certainly want to know.

Here is what Canon says this printer can print on:

Plain: Plain Paper, Canon High Resolution Paper; Glossy: Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, Photo Paper Glossy; Semi-Gloss: Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, Photo Paper Pro Luster; Matte: Matte Photo Paper, Double-sided Matte Paper; Other (Canon): Magnetic Photo Paper, Restickable Photo Paper, Iron-On Transfers; Other (non-Canon): Cardstock, Greeting Card, U.S. #10 Envelopes, Recycled paper and Chlorine-free paper can be used

They don't mention vinyl, so you may be out of luck.