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G4210 scanner scan bed copies misaligned


When I make copies from the glass on my PIXMA G4210 the output prints about ,75” lower on the page and therefore crops of the bottom of the page. 

When I make copies from the document feeder the output is fine. Also when I print from my phone or the computer the prints are aligned properly. 

How do a calibrate the alignment of the flatbed scanner (the glass)? I’ve searched online and on these forums. Thanks in advance. Cheers. 
(I inherited the printer, so without proof of purchase I can’t get proper support it seems)


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi RbeforeE,

When placing the original face down on the scan glass, please make sure that it is placed near the upper left corner, next to the arrow.  The printer cannot scan the striped area (A) (0.04 inch (1 mm) from the edges of the platen glass) as shown in the 2nd image below.



More information can be viewed here:

Loading Originals on the Platen Glass

Loading Based on Use












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Wow! I am a dork. I’m not at home but will check it out when I return. My scanner is placed too high for me to have seen the guides and I’ve never had a scanner that didn’t use the full glass. It’s weird because I didn’t notice the problem until recently so I thought it was a new issue. That’s why it hadn’t occurred to me that it was user error. Now I wonder how many flawed copies I’ve made. LOL Thank you so much for your help and especially for providing resources with your answer. I appreciate the extra effort. You are a gem. 

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