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G4210 black print issue


Symptom: Most black print rows are perfect but certain lines are squiggly or skewed.  For example, when printing the test page, seven lines (rows) on the entire page are skewed.  Those seven lines are distributed over the entire page and each time the test print page is printed - the same seven lines are affected and the entire line is skewed. (color is fine and not an issue)

I have done all the cleaning steps including deep cleaning and flush. Removed and re-seated the black print head and cleaned the encoder strip.
Any idea as to what is the likely source of this problem?  Thought about replacing the black print head but can't see how it would cause these repeatable specific symptoms. The printer is several years old but lightly used.






A couple of ideas:

  • Be sure to use Canon ink.  Other aftermarket inks don't seem to use the same formula and can clog printer heads.
  • Reload or redownload the printer driver.  If there's more than one for the printer on the Canon site, be sure to use the newest.
  • Not sure if 1-800-OK-CANON can help, but it's an idea.
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